Performance Management Solutions was set up in 1993 to develop and promote the work of Alasdair White in the field of Behaviour Economics – organisational behaviour and management ( managing people for performance, managing in deconcentrated organizations) and managing change. Alasdair White, author of three best-selling management books (Managing for Performance, Continuous Quality Improvement, and The Essential Guide to Developing Your Staff), takes a behavioural psychology approach to the subject of managing people, leadership, and change management. His ideas are based on some simple, yet profound, fundamentals concerning why people do things, about leadership, and about the paradoxes that we ignore at our peril.

In 2009, he wrote From Comfort Zone to Performance Management (published by White & MacLean Publishing) and the concepts went viral to make his key definition of ‘comfort zone’ one of the most quoted items on the internet in its field.

His thinking challenges some of the firmly held beliefs that have driven management and economic thinking for the last four decades and offers a cleaner, clearer approach to managing for performance.

Alasdair White currently divides his time between his work as a university lecturer, his writing,  and acting as a publisher. He is also an internationally recognised historian specialising in the Napoleonic era and the 1815 Belgium campaign in particular.

The objective of this site is to share the essentials of Alasdair White’s thinking with anyone who is interested in getting a better performance from those they work with.

Alasdair White can be contacted by email at

Alasdair White, was on the faculty of United Business Institutes, Brussels, Belgium from 2001 to 2012. He  was also on the faculty of the European Management Development Institute and held a visiting faculty position at Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is currently a faculty member of United International Business Schools in Brussels and Antwerp.  He is a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society and also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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